Becoming a Member

We welcome new members who share our joy or singing.

We do have an audition process which is low-key and relaxed. Once you have contacted Jo about your interest in attending a rehearsal (see our 'Visiting A Rehearsal' page) and agreed on a date for your visit Jo will introduce you to our Musical Director Emma Lelliot who will tell you more about what we do. Emma will talk to you about which part you might want to 'try' and then welcome you to join us in our physical warm up before coming to the risers for our vocal warmups. You will also be provided with a folder of our current repertoire to follow along with whilst we work on our various songs.

If you have found the evening enjoyable you will be sent a copy of our current audition song 'California Dreamin' by the Mamas and Papas as well as the relevant teach track to learn over a period of two to three weeks. You will have the opportunity to keep coming to rehearsals and gaining more experience about what we do and getting to know the ladies who make up our lovely chorus.

When you
 feel we are 'the right fit for you' and you are confident that you know the audition song you, will be invited to join Emma and the 'Section Leaders' for a private assessment, which you would need to successfully complete. Once you have passed Emma will introduce you to the chorus and 'officially' welcome you as a chorus member. Our Membership Secretary Julia Robson will then provide you with a Membership folder which will provide you with a copy of our Constitution, and other useful information after which you will become a fully fledged member of our chorus. A week or so later you will be presented with a Joining Certificate, name badge and music folder which will contain all our current repertoire and have access to all our teaching resources via the Members Area of our website and much more.

There is a small joinng fee followed by a monthly subscription which will be payable when joining the Barberettes. Details can be obtained from our Membership Secretary.

For more information on Membership contact: Julia Robson on 07789 168332 or email


Chorus members are expected to:

  • attend rehearsals regularly and on time
  • commit to, and attend, singouts and events
  • give attention to the Musical Director, Choreographer, Section Leaders or others who are standing in front of the risers during rehearsals and performances
  • pay chorus fees and other costs on time
  • keep themselves informed about chorus activities by reading emails and logging in to the Members Area of the Website regularly
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